The 3D controls have been one of our favourite innovations, allowing us to place

the attachments exactly where we want them. The improved attachment

designs have made treatments very predictable and help ensure that our

patients stay on track.

Doctor Charles L. Gemmi III,

DMD Partner, Orthodontics Limited, USA

Innovation is at the heart of the Invisalign System. Over the past 20 years we have invested heavily in pushing the boundaries of clinical predictability to help our Providers treat safely and more effectively. This commitment has resulted in some significant breakthroughs.

ClinCheck® software.

Our 3D treatment software delivers more accurate, personalised treatment plans for every patient, so they have a clear view of their treatment journey and our Providers have more clinical control.

SmartTrack® material.

Specially designed aligner material provides gentle, more constant forces to improve control of tooth movements.

SmartForce® features.

Attachments and features engineered to deliver the force systems necessary to achieve predictable tooth movements.

SmartStage® technology.

Advanced algorithms that generate the optimal path of tooth movement and aligner shape for greater predictability.

The evolution of control.

Achieving predictable tooth movements has always been a primary goal of orthodontics, and with patients wanting both great results and comfort, Align Technology has challenged itself to develop the Invisalign System to open up new possibilities.

*Product availability can vary by region and country.​
*Treatment times vary with Invisalign Express, Invisalign Go, and Invisalign Lite depending on case complexity and must be determined by the doctor.