What can I treat with the Invisalign System?

As with many orthodontic techniques, there is also a learning curve with the Invisalign System. When you begin using Invisalign aligners, you may want to start with relatively simple treatments and/or choose more predictable treatment approaches. As you progress with the system you may want to select more complex treatments and/or utilise more advanced treatment approaches. Successful treatment outcomes and your personal satisfaction and confidence with the Invisalign system start with informed treatment selection and thoughtful treatment planning. ​


What is the Invisalign Fundamental Training Program?

The Invisalign Fundamental Training Program is a comprehensive and systematic training program that is designed to build your clinical confidence and skills. . The program consists of 4 days of live events (half day Pre-Fundamental Training Course, 2 days Fundamental Training Course I, half day Study Group, 1 day Fundamental Training Course II) and access to online modules on Invisalign Online Academy. It will open the door for you to a completely new and improved practice experience; with a wider array of services that you can offer patients, and continued learning experience and ongoing support. This program with a series of event lasts for the first 6 months. Subsequently you will have a series of ongoing training programs for you to participate to continue to build up your skills.


Pre-Fundamental Training Course will provide you with the introductory information that you need to prepare to submit your first treatment. You are highly encouraged to identify a few potential patients and to have your first treatment submitted to the system before attending the live events.

Fundamental Training Course I will provide you in depth information with hands on session about what can be achieved with Invisalign treatments, as well as everything you need to know to start your first treatments. 

Fundamental Training Course II will focus on monitoring and finishing treatments and more complex treatments. Its main objective is to provide you with practical tips for managing and monitoring mild Class II and III treatments, with or without surgical strategies, treatment of deep bites and open bites and patients with mixed dentitions. This session is also interactive, with the possibility of being able to evaluate clinical cases in the course of treatment. 

Study Group. Share your Experience and Knowledge. The aim of this small group event is to allow everyone to take advantage of each of their colleagues’ experience in a peer-to-peer setting and to get guidance from our Clinical Support team.


Invisalign Online Academy. Once you register to join an Invisalign Fundamental Training Program you’ll be able to tap into the latest information when you need it most: online modules, videos, PDF documents, treatment gallery, latest publications and much more.


How do I become an Invisalign Provider?

Simply complete this form and you will be contacted by an Invisalign Representative. 


Do I need to use an iTero Scanner in order to offer Invisalign aligners?

No, you can send upper and lower impressions using PVS material as an alternative to using an iTero Digital Scanner. Once received by Align Technology, they will be scanned and digitalised to prepare your ClinCheck® treatment plan.


What are Invisalign aligners made of?

Invisalign aligners are made from a proprietary construction of biocompatible medical grade thermoplastics that are designed to provide a combination of controlled aligner forces and patient comfort.​ This material is called SmartTrack. SmartTrack material is an improvement on previous materials as it conforms more precisely to tooth morphology, active surface of attachments and interproximal spaces. This allows for greater control of tooth movements and finishing.