At Invisalign, we have access to many years of treatment planning data to capture region and country specific characteristics for all types of patients.

This data has provided us with better insights over time as to what type of treatments can work more effectively for different countries and ethnic populations based on their anatomical differences.

Asia Protocol Application

A setup of a treatment plan based on Asian anatomical characteristics and cultural preference to cater for the Asian

market. It is developed through our continuous investment in R&D, using millions of data-points we have collected

worldwide from Asian patients and validated by leading Asian doctors.

Invisalign Treatment Planning Facility in Asia

Align Technology is the first US company to invest and set up a treatment planning facility in Asia. This positions us to

serve our Asian doctors and patients better by being in the same geography and time zone. With a stronger presence in

the region, we are poised to deliver better, customised orthodontic solutions.

Invisalign Institute in Asia

We are committed to educating, sharing and elevating doctors’ professionalism through the Invisalign Institute established

in Chengdu, China.

Asia-centric Advertising

Align Technology is launching our first Asia-centric Campaign to reach out to more patients. It will be an immersive

outreach expanding across different platforms - from digital marketing to the in-clinic experience.